How To Play Wordster

  1. Wordster is a word puzzle game similar to Boggle. It is played on a square grid consisting of letters of the alphabet. The dimensions can range from 3 x 3 up to 12 x 12. The size can change with each round (you can choose for the size to be random, progressively bigger, or set it manually each round).
  2. A full game consists of ten rounds. You can play single player or against one or more computer opponents of varying difficulty. Internet play is also possible.
  3. Each round lasts between 90 seconds to five minutes (depending on the grid size).
  4. During the round, each player submits words found in the grid. Words must be
    1. At least three letters in length. Minimum and maximum word length can be modified, however, when game options are set. The maximum length can also be reduced from the default value of 18.
    2. In the Wordster dictionary, proper names are allowed only where they are otherwise words (e.g. "rose" is valid, "ken" is not -- unless of course you are using the custom dictionary, in which case any additional words you allow are valid); and
    3. Made up of consecutive letters adjoining in the grid. The letters need not be in a straight line and the same letter on the same square may be used more than once in a word, as long as it isn't used twice in a row (i.e. you cannot "sit" on a letter). In the following grid:

      The following words are valid:


      Note that all of the entries in the bottom row involve words wherein the same letter is reused. If the game options are set to disallow reuse of letters, of course, these words would be invalid.

      The following are examples of invalid words from the same grid:
      WordReason invalid
      SPORKNot an English word
      PEEPCannot reuse the same cell consecutively
      ORToo short
      STOPO and T not adjoining

  5. Players score points for each word according to the length of the word.
  6. Excessive invalid words can result in penalty points.
  7. For human players only, if all words submitted during a round (over a small minimum) are valid English words, then a bonus of 25 points is awarded. Invalid words that are invalid because they are not actually in the grid do not negate this bonus (but such words can cause the penalty referred to above).
  8. Varying amounts of points can also be achieved by finding the bonus word. A clue as to the bonus word will appear on the screen after the round starts. The bonus word feature can be disabled in the game options screen.
  9. At the end of each round, a screen appears showing each player's word submissions (including computer opponents), as well as a full solution. On this screen, you can get a definition of any word (a great way to expand your vocabulary!). You also have the opportunity to add words to your custom dictionary and to suggest words for later updates to the Wordster built-in dictionary.
  10. The player having the most points after ten rounds is the winner.